The Sky Without A Compass Is The First Novel By The Haitian Poet Watson Charles, Whose Song Of The Tides We Had In Particular Been Able To Appreciate, A Collection Which Nostalgically Celebrated The Caribbean Sea Bordering Its Island Bereaved By The Deadly Earthquake Of 2010: A World Of Beauty And Desolation.

Beginning, It Seems, In 1999, This Novel Takes Place Mainly In Port-au-prince And In The Surrounding Towns During The Decade Which Preceded This Terrible Catastrophe. And Through The Fate Of Jackson, A Fictional Character Of The Same Name As The Dedicatee, The Author Pays Homage To The Vitality Of This Destitute People Who, In Addition To Earthquakes, Cyclones And Floods, Ceaselessly Rub Shoulders With Death: “we Live With Death On A Daily Basis. If We Do Not Die In Prison Or Shot By The Regime, Then We Are Starving. ”

And He Restores Dignity To This People Constantly Humiliated By Foreign Powers And Abused By The Contempt Of Their Own Compatriots.

After A Period Of Wandering On The Roads Alongside “His Old Brother Rodrigue” To Offer Their Dice Game From Party To Party, The Death Of His Faithful Companion Plunges Jackson Into Disarray And Destitution. Alone Now, “He Must Face His Life” And Always Keep Moving Forward. Because Here Time Only Stops “When The Man Has No More Breath In His Chest”.

Destroyed But Finally Obeying The Last Words Of His Friend, Jackson Will Be Reborn Thanks To His Commitment To Social And Political Struggle And To Love. He Will First Lead The Collective Struggle In This Shoe Factory Where He Will Spend Ten Years Working As A Convict For A Meager Salary, While He Will Love Rosemène. Because “One Is Never Too Poor To Love.” And He Will Die Prematurely, Leaving His Widow Inconsolable, “Dying In The Darkness Of The Night”: “There Is No Greater Glory Than To Die Of Love.” (1)

Romance Of Combat And Love, A Sky Without Compass Is Thus The Account Of The Too Short Life Of This Poor Man Who Fought To Give Meaning To His Life, And Lived Free And Worthy Without Allowing Himself To Be Reduced. ‘animal State’: That Of The Life Of ‘an Authentic Man’.